As Asia First operates predominantly in emerging markets, it is more often than not the case that institutional finance isn’t readily available for new developments. If development companies are foreign owned, it can be especially difficult to obtain bank loans for construction.

Asia First is fundamentally selective when it comes offering to assist with fundraising for new ventures, rejecting over 95% of the opportunities that come its way. However, when all the elements of a proposed venture stack up under extreme inspection, Asia First is typically able to source suitable investors.

Requirements for joint ventures offering equity positions or high returning debt financing deals can range from as little as $100k up to $20m plus.

The common denominator linking the approved opportunities is that they must represent a compelling business case for investors. In all cases, project teams must be experienced, with key people involved having strong track records in their requisite fields, developments must be in sound growth markets, project concepts must be both marketable and original and the business plan must be solid, prudent and carry contingency plans for all known eventualities.